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Model Helicopter World October 2012

Issue No: 268
On Sale: 13/9/2012
SKU: MHW121001
5,20 €
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Blade 300X
Flybarless fun with Spektrum/BeastX control in a new size model by Nigel Cartwright

Heidelberg Fun Fly
Held on Father’s Day, it’s bound to be a success! by Fred Annecke

Small Rotors
The new Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, a look at the latest Blade mCP X and Fly-Drive! by Nigel Cartwright

X-Cell Whiplash FBL Electric
Miniature Aircraft’s 90-size FBL machine is big, very strong and as powerful as you want by Jon Tanner

Zone ‘12
Held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, what a success! by Ron Temple


Collectively Speaking
Helicopter News by Jon Tanner

Sales Pitch
New Items by Jon Tanner

From the Ground Up
My first visit to the Southern Helifest by Richard Morris

Readers Write
Your Questions

Scale by Scale
My goodness he’s back! by Sean Brown

USA Heli Scene
15 Years of electric helicopters – Part 1 by James Wang

Competitive Streak
Jason Markey, F3C Team Manager for the 2012 British team talks to himself by Jason Markey

What’s On
Dates for your diary by Jon Tanner

3D Kaos
More 3D competitions and much more fun… by Mike Eddington

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